November 2009

ŏ Black Friday Holiday Sale is UP!!!

by dre of on 25 November 2009

Hello friends,

From now until December 26, 2009…

all tees @ will be $12.25!!!

So, head over to get your holiday shopping started with some great tees!

Happy Holidays,

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ŏ Black Friday Holiday Billboard Ads

by dre of on 25 November 2009

Hey gang!

Check out the ŏ Black Friday Holiday Billboard Ads

Hope you dig ’em!!!

– dre of



Check out the 1st Do Better Movement Production…

Halloween 2009: The Buffalo Society of DC hosts the 9th Buffalo Sock Social. In honor of Michael Jackson the group decides to prepare for a spontaneous Thriller dance. This film is the footage from the practice sessions. As well as photos from the event and “the Thriller.” Enjoy!

as always,

enjoy life…

– dre of

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dobettermovementDOTcom is LIVE!!!

by dre of on 21 November 2009

…for months I’ve been trying to figure out how to bring on…

I wanted it to be it’s own dedicated site apart from the blog and featured issues of “doing better”…

then it hit me…

the blog is ALL about doing better… so why not just rename the blog and web address to…


i did…

the blog will now have “Do Better” approved entries… as well any and everything to do with the world…

hope you enjoy…

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Major Taylor’s Chicken formerly known as General Tso’s

19 November 2009

Hello world… A couple of weeks back I had a hankering for some General Tso’s chicken… However, over the years my faith in the quality of “chicken” one gets from the local carry-out has wavered… to the point that I only order either a shrimp dish or one with chicken wings… (there’s no denying a […]