December 2011

Sri & Me: Episode 18

by dre of on 22 December 2011

Me: Can you bring me something back from India?

Sri: Yes, what?

Me: Aishwarya Rai.

Sri: Pssh! Are you crazy? She’s already had a baby.


Sri & Me: Episode 17

by dre of on 22 December 2011

Me: “Ball so hard, that shit cray…”

Sri: The ball is hard?

Me: Yup!

Sri: Who’s balls?



Sri & Me: Episode 16

by dre of on 19 December 2011

…we literally just had a 2-man go-go set…

Sri: singing, “You messed up, messed up Sri. You messed up, messed up Sri.”

Me: *on the drums, see: desk* <enter basic pocket groove from your favorite DC band…>


Sri & Me: Episode 15

by dre of on 16 December 2011

Me: “Well, I be done seen ‘bout everything… when I seen an elephant fly.”

Co-worker: …

Me: Hey, you’ve ever seen a elephant fly?

Co-worker: ?

Me: What you’ve never seen an elephant fly?

Co-worker: What an elephant?

Sri: Yes, you’ve never seen it?

Co-worker: ???

Sri: What you don’t believe him?

Co-worker: What that an elephant fly? or an elephant fly?

Me: An elephant fly!

Co-worker: An elephant fly?

Sri: Wait… are you speaking in the present or past participle?

Co-worker: ???????

Sri: I’ll make it simple… is the comma before or after the elephant?

Co-worker: I do not know but I’ve not seen an elephant fly!

Me: Come look… *shows computer screen*


Sri & Me: Episode 14

16 December 2011

Sri: *in discussion with co-worker* When in doubt, log-out! Co-Worker: Ahh, Sri very good rhyme there. Me: Oh, you ain’t know? That’s all we do. Rhyme and Crime, champ. Rhyme & Crime. Sri: And we do more crimes than rhymes.

Sri & Me: Episode 13

9 December 2011

Me: Ice cold, Sri… ice cold. You feel me? Sri: Yes. Me: You gotta keep it funky! Sri: I’ve got to send this email out before I do anything funky.

Sri & Me: Episode 12, “Shari Belafonte, Part 2”

9 December 2011

Me: I can download that issue of her if you want. Sri: No… no I don’t want to see. Me: Wait, you said she’s beautiful??? Sri: She is… but there’s more to beauty than being naked. Me: True… Sri: She cannot sing.

Sri & Me: Episode 11, “Shari Belafonte, Part 1”

9 December 2011

Sri: *singing Harry Belafonte* (his hero) Me: Did you see that HBO special about his life? Sri: Oh no, really? Me: Yeah… *pause* Sri: Was his daughter (Shari) in it??? Me: I don’t believe so, maybe briefly it was more about his life. Sri: Oh, man… she’s beautiful. Me: Let me guess… you have her […]

Sri & Me: Episode 10

9 December 2011

Me: “outta dis wooooooorrrrrrld… are you aaaaaaaaa-lien? outta dis wooooooorrrrrrld… are you aaaaaaaaa-lien???” Sri: No, no more am I a resident alien, I am naturalized.

Sri & Me: Episode 9

9 December 2011

Me: I gotta make moves, Sri. Sri: What moves? Me: Moves… got moves to make. Sri: Move? Well, move… don’t sit there… move.