September 2009

more ŏ in ŏ…

by dre of on 30 September 2009

Here are some photos taken of folx sporting their ŏ…


If you have any pictures of yourself wearing your ŏ, please email them to!

Peace :-)

as always,

enjoy life…

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It’s FINALLY OVER!!! Home Renovation is DONE!!!

by dre of on 30 September 2009

After a summer long affair…

I have FINALLY completed the renovation of my place/office/warehouse/studio/home/hideaway/spaceship/oasis/”lilypad” (sorry Levi, I had to steal that for the blog…)
Below is the result of long hours sanding each wall… (ok, not really EACH wall but those trouble spots… there were far too many…) priming each wall… painting each wall with two coats of the selected paint color… painting the trim throughout… the bathroom and dining got a fresh coat of ceiling paint… (! …painting all the doors…. not to mention taping all over the place… I had some battles with that “blue” tape… paint coming off when removing the tape… thus much longer nights than planned…
…that and switching the hardware on the kitchen cabinets was all the work I did… (full disclosure, I did have help with dining room & foyer… 😀 )
Pops asked afterwards… “What would you do different next time…” I replied… “Be wealthy.” …I doubt I’ll ever paint again… well, maybe if the wealthy thing doesn’t turn out as planned…
Other work completed by contractors…
– removal of carpet and refinishing wood floors
– installation of ceramic tile in the kitchen & foyer
– installation of Corian countertop in the kitchen
– repairing and patching water damage in the walls
I do believe that was all that transpired this summer…
In conclusion,
Painters have all the respect in the world from me…
Enjoy the pictures… (disclaimers: I was using the iPhone and I’m not a photographer… )

Part 1: Kitchen / Dining Room / Foyer / Living Room / “Library”

…had to close out Part 1 with the up close of the music/book library… mainly because of the Thriller album… :-)

Part 2: Hallway / Bathroom / Bedroom / “Studio” / “Warehouse”

I hope you enjoyed the picture show… It was a labor of love… and now it’s time to get back to making beats and tees!

as always,

enjoy life…

– dre’ of