The Wonderful Works of Andre Woolery

24 April 2012

Woolery & His Artwork A couple of months ago, a close friend referred me to a website featuring artwork of her former high school classmate… That classmate is Andre Woolery and this is his website, Instantly, I was drawn into both the art and message in his works. The latest of his works features […]

Knowlin’s Moment: Inferior Design

11 April 2012

My great-grand mother, Martha, celebrated her 95th birthday. Unfortunately, we don’t know her exact age due to where and when she was born. We think she was born in North Carolina, 52 years after the abolishment of slavery. She has lived to witness a number atrocities committed against people due to their differences from the […]

Caine’s Arcade – Short Film

10 April 2012

The story of passion meeting imagination… During one of my internet voyages… I came across the short film, “Caine’s Arcade”… about a 9 year-old kid who creates his own arcade out of leftover boxes from his father’s company… The highlight of the film is the surprise flashmob of support for Caine’s fledgling business… Enjoy! [vimeo […]

Google’s Project Glass

4 April 2012

Ok, I’m not sure why the brother is shirtless… but the glasses… yeah, let me get a pair… now. Google just released the 1st video of their Project Glass endeavor… from what I gather it’s an attempt to create interactive eyewear… and yes, the specs look hella lame but the potential is AWESOME… (if anything […]

Rest & Thanks: Happy Marvin Gaye Day!

2 April 2012

Celebrate the life of a soulful one… Earlier this year, a post celebrating the life and music of J Dilla revealed the Egg Album Artwork series by ŏ artist, Gede… featuring a handful of my favorite artists interpreted as the ŏ Egg mascots… The album artwork series continues with Marvin’s “Let’s Get It On”… The […]

ŏ – 1 for Trayvon

2 April 2012

Late Friday night, the mood struck to send Gede, ŏ artist, a weekend project request… Up until that moment, I hadn’t yet done my* tribute to Trayvon Martin’s memory and family… I have several hoodies but hadn’t taken a picture… Nor did I attend any rallies or protests… While working on revamping the ŏ website… […]

Sri & Me: Episode 25

29 March 2012

Sri: Kylie Minaj… Nicki Minaj… Me: Wait… what? Sri: Boom ba doom, boom ba doom doom ba boom… Me: You mean Nicki Minaj. Sri: Yeah, she has some song… SuperBomb, SuperBoss… Me: Super Bass. Sri: That’s it! ***Sri proceeds to watch the clip of the little girls on Ellen singing Super Bass… the follows it […]

Nancy Grace, I fucks with you boo.

29 March 2012

The Person of the Week thus far is Lady Nancy Grace… Nancy Grace has been going HAM on the Trayvon Martin murder… Thus we pay homage with the “Negro Please”… a look handed down through centuries… From Hannibal’s baby mother… to Shaka Zulu’s grandmother, who perfected the gaze when asked by her famous grandson, should […]

Oh, and one more thing… (c) Steve Jobs…

27 March 2012

After watching Anderson Cooper debate (I suppose that’s the word…) Minister Mikhail Muhammad of the New Black Panther party on CNN last night… (face-palm…) I changed the channel and came across a commercial for… “Wicked Tuna”… a new National Geographic Channel show about hunting tuna, I gather… but what’s odd is what I really saw… […]

Thanks Internet, I’ve had enough for today… logging off.

27 March 2012

I had my share of internet for the day… I should have known something was up with Tuesday, March 27th, 2012… When I stepped out this morning… the Hawk had made a quick visit back to the District and I immediately thought… “Damn, I should have thrown on a hoodie…” Which has, of course, taking […]